Eight years have passed since graduating from NIU with my MFA.  I have had the opportunity to teach Surface Design, Papermaking and 3D Forms in Fiber at NIU and Drawing and Design at Rock Valley College.  Working with college students has enriched my life and my own art practice.  It’s always fascinating to watch students take information and see what they do with it.  There is always something to learn and new thoughts and realizations can enrich our own personal vision of both art and life. 

I have continued my art practice in embroidery and surface design as well as creating both 3d and installation work.  I have shown my work locally, nationally and internationally (England).  Traveling and documenting moments and experiences have informed my studio practice.  I enjoy taking specialty classes to refine my own skills and experiment with multiple dye processes on a regular basis.  Much of my work is still based on my everyday life of caring for my 24 year old daughter with multiple disabilities.  A large scale embroidery is very time intensive and can take 300 - 400 hours to complete. Caring for my daughter and making art go hand in hand.